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Stand Up


Philipp’s first ever stand-up performance was at age 17 when his cell biology and genetics lecturer at university forgot to show up, so he took to the podium and started riffing about the much loathed lecturer and even threw in some of his own material. It was no Comedy Store, but a 150 seat lecture theatre is a pretty good first gig.

Since then Philipp has gone on to perform at over 150 gigs across the globe playing venues such as: Stand-up NY, The Comedy Store London and Manchester, Up the Creek, The Banshee Labyrinth, and The Bill Murray. While at University he was president and resident MC of the prestigious Royal Holloway Comedy Society. He’s performed at the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals with his Comedy Society, and is now booked for a solo show at the 2018 Brighton Fringe.

Born in Vienna, raised in Slovenia, and spending his summers in America, Philipp’s style of comedy is as diverse as his background. Bouncing between surrealism, clowning, and observational comedy, Philipp brings high energy and hilarity to every performance.

Philipp’s jokes focus on topics such as the anthropomorphisation of bins, the ramblings of a horse, and why he prefers cuddling over sex. and when the cuddling is over, Philipp won’t shy away from speaking about more serious topics such as race, religion, and political commentary.

Now based in London, Philipp gigs almost every day on the London and UK comedy circuit and is slowly but surely making his way up the comedy ladder, one happy audience at a time.