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Late Nights in Egham


Late Nights in Egham is Philipp’s first step into the world of TV. Writing, and hosting the a 4-part web series in his final year of University, Late Nights in Egham tells the story of a talk show with the best intentions and worst possible outcome. It explores student life at Royal Holloway with interviews with campus celebrities, and out of studio remotes investigating the Egham area and the people who dwell within it.

To “fund” the project Philipp had to ask the help of many sponsors, whose adverts run regularly throughout the programme. Late Nights in Egham also features plenty of local talent in the form of comedians, musicians, and a human trumpet.

The show was created, written, and hosted by Philipp Carl Kostelecky, with music provided by Jimmy Butts and The Jimmy Butts Orchestra. Philipp’s co-host throughout Late Nights is world renowned comedian Guy Cole. Together the 3 bring a unique flavour the Late Night comedy scene.

Late Nights in Egham is inspired by “Conan” and the “Eric Andre Show”, but brings its own special twist to break down the classical American late-night talk show through a combination of silly antics, surreal comedy, and satire.